The 2nd Edition (2017)

Rowman and Littlefield will Publish the 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of Personality: A Systems Approach will be published by Rowman and Littlefield in time for the fall semester, 2017.

Instructors will benefit from a full set of ancillary materials. For example, Rowman and Littlefield will be offering an electronic test bank through Respondus that will be compatible with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and many other brands of instructional software.

Background: In 2015, Rowman and Littlefield expressed interest in publishing Personality: A Systems Approach. They acquired the rights for the book in late 2015, and the revised, 2nd edition of the book was delivered to the publisher in the fall of 2016.

Schedule for the 2nd Edition

Update as of December 13th, 2016. The 2nd edition of Personality: A Systems Approach is scheduled for its first print run in the late summer of 2017. The book’s overall organization will remain the same, but its content will be updated to reflect recent developments in the field of personality psychology and the book’s format will be more polished (details below).

Rowman and Littlefield may also supply page proofs of the 2nd edition to faculty interested in testing it in the classroom ahead of its release. If you are interested in testing the book in your classroom, please contact the author or the publisher.

Edition 1.8 will remain the preferred edition to use and will be available until shortly after the new edition is published.

More details are below:

  • The 2nd Edition will include:
    • A full color e-book edition
    • A black and white print edition
    • Pricing that is very competitive with the competition for both the print and e-book
    • Books available through a wide number of bookstores and distributors and from Rowman & Littlefield, with a 30% discount for the e-book for students who order directly from their site
  • Formatting improvements to the 2nd edition will include:
    • cartoons at the beginning of each chapter
    • redrawn art
    • reformatted tables throughout
    • professional layout & design
    • the return of a complete index
  • Revisions and updates from Edition 1.8
    • The next round of revisions focused on Chapters 8 (Personality structure) 10 (Dynamics of self-control) and 11 (Personality development in childhood and adolescence)
    • Additional material will be updated throughout the book. The book has undergone an extensive round of reviews and the revisions will address those reviews as well
  • Web Presence
    • This website—the book’s independent website—will be maintained. (The site has been online for nearly a decade).
    • Nearer to the publication date, Rowman and Littlefield will add the book to their site, along with secure downloads for ancillary materials including PowerPoint lectures and the test bank. I will point to Rowman & Littlefield’s site from this one. (Instructors using Edition 1.8 can now obtain those materials from the author).