About Edition 1.5 (Archived Information)


This above image was revised slightly before Edition 1.5 went online. Among the small changes: An ISBN now appears to the bottom right on the back cover.

Instructors Please Note:

As of August, 2015, Edition 1.8 is the recommended textbook for classroom use. Edition 1.5 will be discontinued from publication November, 2015.

Edition 1.5: Rationale and Development

Edition 1.5 is a “bridge edition” of Personality: A Systems Approach  between the 1st Edition and the next edition that is now in the planning stage (see release schedule). To find out what’s new in Edition 1.5, click to the page describing Edition 1.5 revisions.

Briefly, for the Edition 1.5 revision, I focused on three areas: (a) rewriting for ease of reading and for clarity, (b) reformatting for a simpler layout (and to reduce the book’s cost) and (c) updating sections in which important new research had taken place since Edition 1.

Edition 1.5 was developed in a very short time to mitigate a possible shortage of the 1st edition. Although Edition 1.5 is overall better written and more up-to-date than the 1st edition, the short production time meant that there are likely to be:

  • occasional omitted words or double words
  • occasional figures that are imperfect in visually awkward ways (e.g., text that isn’t properly centered in places)
  • occasional call-outs in the text to photographs or other features that are no longer in the revised edition.

These problems will be few and far between, but I suspect based on what I have found so far that there will be some. Please also note that there will be no index in this edition because of the transition to an e-book format (within which students can search the book electronically). Edition 1.5 is likely to be “print only,” at least for the 1st month or two.

Preview the Front Matter and First Chapter of Edition 1.5

To get a sense of  Edition 1.5 (and the 2nd Edition of the book), you can look at the table of contents and first chapter on the “look inside” page on this site.