Instructor Support

Examination Copies

Examination copies of Edition 1.8 of Personality: A Systems Approach are available for interested and eligible faculty. Please use the contact form below and specify:

  • Your college or university
  • The course for which you would like to use the book
  • The typical number of enrolled students
  • Your e-mail address
  • The address to which you would like the book sent

If there is a special circumstance that requires quick delivery, please let us know.

Please note if you are requesting the book in late July, 2015: Requests will be held until the book’s release date now scheduled for August 3rd, 2015.

Powerpoint Lectures

The first lectures for Edition 1.5 are now online below. The lectures can be downloaded at your convenience but they are password protected to limit their distribution.

You can view a sample lecture without password protection for Chapter 6 under the “Chapter 6” heading below.

To get the password, please e-mail John D. Mayer and include your institutional affiliation.

Chapter 1

Prs-Lct01-Intro to Personality-ver014-pw

Chapter 2

Prs-Lct02-Measuring a Person ver014-pw

Chapter 3

Prs-Lct03- Perspectives-ver014-pw

Chapter 4

Prs-Lct04-Motives and Emotions ver014-wp

Chapter 5

Prs-Lct05-Nature of Mental Models ver014-pw

Chapter 6

Prs-Lct06-Mental Abilities ver014-pw

Preview version (no password necessary): Prs-Lct06-Mental Abilities ver014

Chapter 7

Prs-Lct07-Conscious Self ver014-pw

Chapter 8

Prs-Lct08-Nature of Structure ver014-pw

Chapter 9

Prs-Lct09-From Urge to Expression-ver014-pw

Chapter 10

Prs-Lct10-Power of the Self rev014-pw

Chapter 11

Prs-Lct11 Young Child rev014-pw

Chapter 12

Prs-Lct12-Love, Work, and Health rev014-pw