Boxes in Edition 1.5

Wondering, “What happened to my favorite boxed material?”

In Edition 1.5, all formerly-boxed material in the 1st edition was either deleted or integrated with the text. If you’re wondering what happened to your favorite boxed material, I have a report below of what happened box-by-box.

(If you discover from the list below that I cut something you absolutely love, please let me know, and I ‘ll see if I can still integrate it into the next edition. ~ Jack).

Chapter 1
  • Research in Focus: Casual Thinking and Scientific Thinking about People → Key points about implicit personality theory were integrated into the text.
  • Case Study: The Careers of Two Personality Psychologists → Deleted.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: What does Personality Psychology Offer Other Fields  → Deleted.
Chapter 2
  • Research: Are Self-Judgments or An Observer’s Judgments More Accurate? → Deleted.
  • Case Study: Freud’s Case of Emmy von N. → Deleted.
  • Inside the Field: Funder’s Laws → Two laws are now quotes in the chapter.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads → The Measurement of Length: Deleted.
Chapter 3
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: The Use of Psychiatric Drugs to Improve Personality → Deleted.
  • Case Study: The Case of the Mathematician in the Guest Room → Deleted, but some of the extra biographical material was integrated into the text as Erdos’ life was examined.
  • Research in Focus: Smith and Glass’ Comparison of Psychotherapies… → Now integrated in the text.
  • Inside the Field: Translating One Perspective Into AnotherDeleted.
Chapter 4
  • Case Study: Jon Krakauer and the Uneasy Fulfillment of a Boyhood Dream → Deleted.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: The Projective Hypothesis in Shakespeare → Deleted, with regrets—I just couldn’t figure out how to fit this into the text.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: Achievement motivation and Economic Progress → The larger part of this box is now integrated in a new section in the text.
  • Inside the Field: Replicating Ekman’s Results → This is now integrated in its own section in the text.
  • Research in Focus: Positioning the Emotional Dimensions of Inner Space → Back by popular demand (from stat nerds)! The material is now integrated in its own section in the text entitled, “Dimensions are more than just drawings”.
Chapter 5
  • Inside the Field: The International Society for Self and Identity → Deleted.
  • Research in Focus: Markus and Nurius on Possible Selves among College Students → This is now integrated in the text.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: World Knowledge in the Field of Artificial Intelligence → Deleted.
  • Case Study: Playing a Role While Playing Basketball? → This is now integrated in its own section in the text.
Chapter 6
  • Case Study: Francis Galton’s own Intelligence → Deleted.
  • Inside the Field: Alfred Binet’s rough start → Deleted.
  • Research in Focus: Emotional Intelligence → Deleted, but the text about emotional intelligence is updated and expanded.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: Valued Qualities and Social Meritocracies → Deleted.
Chapter 7
  •  Disciplinary Crossroads: The Idea of Free Will: Origins in Western Religious Thought → Deleted.
  • Inside the Field: Some Personality Psychologists Really Don’t Like the Denial of Free Will → The best portion is integrated in the text.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: Is there a Biophysics of Free Will? → Portions are integrated in the section, “Contents of Consciousness”.
  • Case Study: An Example of Flow in Adolescence → Deleted.
  • Research in Focus: Brain Correlates of Higher Consciousness: Added in its own new section → “Studies of people highly skilled in mediation”.
Chapter 8
  • Case Study: More on Christopher Langan and his life → Deleted.
  • Inside the Field: Does the Big Five Count as a Personality Structure → Deleted (already covered in the text).
  • Research in Focus: If there are Structural Areas, What are the Boundaries between them like? → Integrated into the new section: “What are the Boundaries between Areas Like?”
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: Was that Octopus You Saw Last Night Shy? → Now integrated in the text in a new section, “Are there Big Traits Across Species”.
Chapter 9
  • Case Study: The Mysterious Social Activities of Robert Leuci → Deleted.
  • Research in Focus: Computer Models of Personality Dynamics → Deleted.
  • Inside the Field: Greenwald’s Studies of Subliminal Perception and Motivation → Deleted.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: Deception in Myth and Literature → Deleted.
Chapter 10
  • Case Study: An Example of Divided Consciousness → Deleted.
  • Inside the Field: A Brief History of Hypnosis → Integrated with the text in “A Brief History of Hypnosis”.
  • Disciplinary Crossroads. Cybernetics, Personality and Robots → Integrated in the text in the section “Feedback and the Feedback Loop”.
  • Research in Focus: The New Research on Developing Self Control → Deleted.
Chapter 11
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: Cultural Influences on Child Personality → Integrated in its own new section, “Parents and the transmission of culture.”
  • Does What Parents Do Matter? → Now integrated in the text in the section, “Parents and the Limits of their Influence.”
  • Research in Focus: Childhood Patterns and Experimentation with Drugs. → Deleted.
Chapter 12
  • Case Study: How consistent is Stephen Reid’s Personality? → Deleted.
  • Focus on Research: Identical Twins Reared Apart → The best parts are now integrated with the text
  • Disciplinary Crossroads: Personality in the future → Deleted.
  • Inside the Field: Abraham Maslow’s Early Life and his Theory of Self-Actualization → Deleted