About Edition 1.8

Front-CoverPersonality: A Systems Approach is now even better in its new edition: Edition 1.8.

Edition 1.8 reflects the continued renewal of the original 2007 textbook.

The key changes in Edition 1.8:

  • Motivation and Emotion (Chapter 4) has been entirely revised, improving the flow and style of the writing, and incorporating the latest research of the field.
  • Interior Selves; Interior Worlds (Chapter 5) has been entirely revised, with a focus on improving the writing and on incorporating the latest research of the field.
  • Mental Abilities and Navigating the World (Chapter 6) reflects new thinking in the area of intelligence including the three-stratum model of intelligence. The section on personal intelligence and its relation to personality has been revised.
  • Additional updated sections:
    • The section about positive affirmations in Chapter 10 (Dynamics of the Self) has been updated.
    • The section on Machiavellianism in Chapter 9 (Dynamics of Action) has been expanded to cover “Social Cooperation, Deception and The Dark Triad”
    • The section on personality and health in Chapter 12 (Personality Development in Adulthood) has been revised.
    • The textbook has been reduced by 5% (20 pages) to reduce textbook bloat. The reductions were achieved by:
      • Developing a new streamlined presentation of Kelly’s Circumspection-Preemption-Control Cycle
      • Removing coverage of Cattell’s ergs, sentiments and dynamic lattice from Chapter 9
      • Removing the extended case study of Richard Nixon in Chapter 8
  • Over 4000 insertions, deletions, alterations to punctuation, and formatting changes were made throughout the book to improve its readability and continuity.