Release Schedule

Current Release Schedule

The 2nd edition of Personality: A Systems Approach  is now scheduled for early 2017. Edition 1.8 will be available through then (and slightly afterward). For details, please see more about the 2nd edition. The material below is archived information from earlier messages to visitors to this website.

Overview of Earlier Releases (Earlier messages to readers of this site that are not relevant to the present schedule).

The transition from the 1st to the 2nd edition of Personality: A Systems Approach is a place substantial task. For that reason, I have planned the lead-in to the 2nd edition in stages.

Stage 1: Edition 1.5 for Fall, 2014 (Completed August 18th)

There was a possibility of spot shortages of the 1st edition of Personality: A  Systems Approach for the Fall, 2014 semester.

To solve that problem, I made Edition 1.5 of the book available to all instructors and students on August 18th of 2014. Edition1.5 is available through a variety of distributors including Please see the “Order Information” page for further information.

The revisions already completed for Edition 1.5 are described on the website here. Please note that—as the online description of the book on Amazon and elsewhere notes—this revision is likely to have small issues with editing.

These are likely to include:

  • occasional omitted words or double words
  • occasional figures that are imperfect in visually awkward ways (e.g., text that isn’t properly centered in places)
  • occasional call-outs in the text to photographs or other features that are no longer in the revised edition.

These problems will be few and far between, but I suspect based on what I have found so far that there will be some. Please also note that there will be no index in this edition.

Edition 1.5 has benefited from the changes I have instituted so far—making it better reading than the 1st edition—but it will not be as thoroughly improved as the 2nd edition.

Stage 2: A Second “Printing” of Edition 1.5 on January 2nd, 2015 (Completed January 2nd, 2015)

I plan to make one or two further incremental updates to the book, still under the name of “Edition 1.5.”

Stage 3: Edition 1.8 Scheduled for August 3rd, 2015 (Completed, August 5th, 2015)

Presently, I’m bringing out another substantial revision on or around August 3rd, 2015. This revision will update 3 more chapters from Edition 1.5, improve and update several other sections, fix a number of typographical errors,  and be slightly reformatted.

Stage 4: Please See Information on this Site Relevant to the 2nd Edition

Beyond Edition 1.8 (see above), I am anticipating a 2nd edition sometimes around 2017.  That said, there could be an interim edition for summer, 2016. I will firm up plans in the fall of 2015 and post them here.