Publication History

Publication History of Personality: A Systems Approach

Personality: A Systems Approach was classroom tested between 2000 and 2006 in the author’s classes.

In 2007, Allyn & Bacon (now a part of Pearson) purchased the book and published the first edition:

AB 1st Ed Big Cover Img

Pearson and I had agreed upon a revision of the book, but the revision was delayed by work on my new book, Personal Intelligence.

By the time I was ready to return to the 2nd edition with Pearson, the economics of publishing the book had changed, and for that reason, we have parted ways amicably and Pearson kindly returned the rights to the book to me at the beginning of July, 2014.

Once Pearson transfers the rights to a book back to the author, they cease to print further copies. However, a number of faculty have asked for a revision of the book and their energy and enthusiasm, along with rising interest in the personality systems framework, encouraged me to bring out Edition 1.5 of the book.

Edition 1.8 followed in the summer of 2015.

To learn more about the changes since the 1st edition, start with the overview of Edition 1.5 here. Then check out Edition 1.8. More about the release schedule is here.