Personality: A Systems Approach

Welcome to the website for Personality: A Systems Approach, a college textbook for the personality course.

Personality: A Systems Approach is a contemporary textbook suitable for undergraduate courses in personality psychology.

The textbook is based on the personality systems framework, an outline for the rational integration of the discipline of personality psychology. This outline organizes today’s information about personality psychology into four areas:

  1. Defining and locating personality
  2. Personality’s parts
  3. Personality’s organization, and
  4. Personality development

The textbook’s exposition is based on the personality systems framework—a recommended new integration of the discipline that has been featured in articles in the American Psychologist, Psychological Inquiry, the Journal of Personality, Social and Personality Psychology Compass, and the Review of General Psychology.

Personality: A Systems Approach was classroom tested between 2000 and 2006 in the author’s classes. In 2007, Allyn & Bacon (now a part of Pearson) purchased the book and published the first edition:

AB 1st Ed Big Cover Img

The textbook market has changed dramatically since the 1st edition. After initial plans for a 2nd edition were delayed by my new book, Personal Intelligence, the initial plans for the 2nd edition fell through.

However, a number of faculty have asked for a revision and their energy, along with rising interest in the personality systems framework, has encouraged me to bring out a 2nd edition.

For the current release schedule, please see here.