Overview of the Personality Textbook

Personality: A Systems Approach by John D. Mayer

Update June 8, 2015

A revised edition is on the way, with a release date scheduled for August 3rd, 2015. More information will be available on this website soon. In the meantime, instructors are invited to request an examination copy of Edition 1.5 (2014) by using the request form here.

Personality: A Systems Approach is a contemporary textbook suitable for undergraduate courses in personality psychology. The textbook is based on the personality systems framework, an outline that organizes today’s information about personality psychology into four areas:

  1. Defining and locating personality
  2. Personality’s parts
  3. Personality’s organization, and
  4. Personality development

The personality systems framework has been featured in a number of journal articles, including in the Review of General Psychology (2013) and the Journal of Research in Personality (2015).

Journal articles describing the framework also have appeared in the American Psychologist (2005), Psychological Inquiry (1997), the Journal of Personality (1995, 1996), and Social and Personality Psychology Compass (2011)

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